A Little About the Who’s and the Whys, our Auto – Biography 

BuddyBuy was founded in 2015 as a means of protecting people from being ripped off and to help secure them a fair deal. 

After a forgettable new car buying experience, where he payed almost $3000 more for the exact same vehicle, from the same dealership, the same week as a friend had, BuddyBuy founder Thomas Holz (minimalist, community services worker, money saving enthusiast) began discussing his experience with others. 
Time and time again, he observed similar situations and noticed distrust and dissatisfaction amongst new car buyers.
Pushy salesman, uncomfortable negotiations, feeling powerless and like you were constantly being fed a whole heap of BS, were the most common responses when BuddyBuy surveyed people about their experience when purchasing new cars in the traditional way.
Possibilities for a new method were imagined, one that gives some power back to the buyer, one that protects them from the feeling of being misled, pushed and ripped off.
The BuddyBuy concept was born.
By adopting a group buying model and applying it to new cars, he realised like minded buyers could beat the dealer tactics and eliminate the need for individuals to suffer through lengthy and uncomfortable back and forth negotiations.
He enlisted the help of some industry experts and together they created a unique new car buying platform that ensures anyone can score a good deal on their cars, not just the good negotiators.
BuddyBuy is a service for people that don’t like negotiating, but still want to be able to secure fair pricing.
A service that prides itself on complete transparency and providing honesty in an often distrusted industry.
BuddyBuy not only saves people money, but makes new car buying simple and enjoyable, the way it should be.
Providing a straightforward car-buying service for Aussies wanting a fair go from the car industry.

Pictured: BuddyBuy founder Thomas Holz with his 2IC at BuddyBuys world record attempt charity fundraiser.


BuddyBuy accepts no referral fees, no commissions or no incentives (financial or otherwise) from any dealerships in Australia.

Our promise is to provide a 100% client driven and truly independent  service. We work with the dealerships, for you.
This means, by negotiating on your behalf, we are proudly committed to getting you the best possible price we can on your new vehicle.
If our collective buying platform is unable to beat your quote or save you at least $1000, our services are completely free!

Want more info? Get in touch and let one of our car buying experts help you.