Striving for fair prices and Happy BuddyBuyers


BuddyBuy is a 100% client driven service, dedicated to fighting and negotiating on your behalf for the best possible price on your new car. 
The feedback we’ve received so far from everybuddy we’ve helped has been amazing. With our average new car savings at $4000, we are proud of what we do and how much money our group buying methods have been able to save people. 
Everyone of our BuddyBuyers has an interesting story, but here are a few of our faves.




A victim of car theft, Business owner - Saved almost $5000 on her Tucson Elite

“Having my car stolen was a horrible experience. The police ended up finding my car, but it was a write off. I was already flat out in my business, now I had to deal with the police, my insurance and the car dealerships, having to look for a new car was such a pain and became a huge inconvenience.

One of my clients mentioned BuddyBuy as an option for me. I contacted them and my purchasing manager came in to see me at work. I mentioned that car security was really important to me now, and they were able to give me heaps of information on the security features of the cars I liked.

After that initial meeting with BuddyBuy, I didn’t have to do much, it was great. In the end BuddyBuy ended up saving me almost $5000 on my original quote.

I absolutely love my new Tucson Elite, it’s so beautiful, I’m over the moon with how awesome it is.”

Mick and Tash

Mick and Tash

Parents, Weekend Warriors - Saved $4000 on their Hyundai Tucson

“Having a hearing impairment was making it difficult for me to ring around and talk to the salesmen. Trying to find a car on my own, felt like it was turning into a chore, it was taking all the excitement out of getting our brand new car. I’m so glad we discovered BuddyBuy. With our little family growing, we really needed an upgrade and they were a massive help.

We met with our purchasing manager over a coffee to discuss our new car and a few days later, they had already found us a better price on our Tucson and we were offered an extra $2000 for our trade in as well.

We were so pleased with how it all turned out, how simple it was and how much we were able to save. We couldn’t be any happier with our new car, its perfect, the girls absolutely love it.”



Mine Worker, Motocross enthusiast – Saved $3600 on his Ford Ranger

“Working away can make looking for a new car a hassle, it’s hard to take calls out there, and when I’m home I just want to spend time with the family.

A bloke from work was telling me how he saved a fair bit using BuddyBuy, so I contacted them. 

The boys at work were giving me heaps of advice on different cars, what’s good, what’s rubbish, everyone had their own opinions. BuddyBuy gave me clarification with comparisons and reviews, that made it easy for me to decide on the perfect rig. Something to drive to work in, but also safe for the family, we love it.

After I joined I didn’t have to do much, came home from my swing and my purchase package was waiting for me.

I got a better price than a few other guys, which was great, but the time they saved me is worth more to me than the savings on the car.”

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