What is group buying?

Group Buying (not to be mistaken with Co-Buying) is when a group of like-minded, serious buyers come together to jointly purchase an item or a service in bulk to lower the per unit price. 

BuddyBuying is new car group buying.

What makes BuddyBuy so different?
Unlike traditional brokers or fleet-buying services, we are 100% independent, taking no incentives from dealerships or ‘hiding’ our fees in small print.

We work only for your benefit.

When you choose to BuddyBuy your new car, you’re getting your very own personal negotiator, dedicated to saving you as much as possible.

And by using our unique group buying methods, we have negotiating power that you wouldn’t get purchasing on your own.

What does 'independent' actually mean?
When we say that we’re independent, we mean it.

BuddyBuys independence comes from refusing commissions, referral fees or financial incentives from dealerships.

This ensures we are staying true to our core values of being a client driven service.

Giving us the ability to remain completely unbiased in our negotiations and the advantage of being able to negotiate with a broad number of dealerships, ensuring we secure the best possible price we can for our BuddyBuyers.

BuddyBuy is the only service of its kind to be truly independent.

How much will I save?

Your final vehicle price is determined by a number of factors, including time of year and current dealership sales.

While we can’t guarantee what your exact savings will be until the negotiation process is completed, we are proud to say that the average savings for our BuddyBuyers so far has been $4100!

What we can guarantee however, is that your purchasing manager will negotiate hard to secure you a great price, one that is fair and significantly better than dealerships’ RRP. If our BuddyBuy collective buying methods can’t save you at least $1000 on your new car, we will gladly refund your service fee.

How do you save so much?

The simple, yet effective power of group buying.

You probably already know how effective group buying is at securing great deals on just about anything, well now that includes new cars.

By bringing people together to collectively make group purchases, we are able to leverage and negotiate better deals for our buddybuyers than what they would get going in alone.

What's needed from me?

You’ll begin with an initial consultation with a purchasing manager and if you decide to proceed,  you won’t have to lift a finger from then on. 

We’ll take care of all the negotiations and the “leg work” on your behalf.

What is the BuddyBuy Promise?

We work only for your benefit and have developed our unique BuddyBuy promise to reflect these values.

The BuddyBuy Promise –

BuddyBuy accepts no referral fees, no commissions and no incentives (financial or otherwise) from any dealerships in Australia.

Our promise is to always provide a 100% client driven and truly independent service.

We work with the dealerships, FOR YOU.

This means, by negotiating on your behalf, we are proudly committed to getting you the best possible price we can on your new vehicle.

We make our purchases based on the best price for our BuddyBuyers, that’s it.

How long does it take to BuddyBuy my new car?

Because BuddyBuy is based on a group purchasing model, we do need time to coordinate and find the best possible price. Because of this, BuddyBuy group purchases are usually completed in 4-6 weeks.

What if I want my car sooner?
If you don’t want to wait, we offer a single vehicle negotiating service and we will send you a quote within 48 hours!
What happens if you can't negotiate a deal I'm happy with?

If our BuddyBuy collective buying methods can’t save you at least $1000 on your new car, we will gladly refund your service fee.

If unfortunately you are not satisfied with the new car price or you choose not to go ahead, our quotes provided in our BuddyBuy purchasing packs are 100% obligation free. You are in no way commited to purchasing the car.

You have 10 days to consider the quote and it will be voided after that time.

What about my old car?

We will negotiate a trade in price on your behalf, as part of your new vehicle purchase. The value of your trade in will be included within your purchasing pack to review before accepting the final quote.

Is there a fee?

There is a $100 joining fee to secure your place in a group, and a professional service fee of $300 for the negotiations and preparation of your purchasing pack.

Can I get a test drive?

Yes, we can arrange a test drive for you.

Can you assist with finance?

We are happy to connect you with one of our trusted finance brokers.

Do you only buy from certain dealerships?

No. Whilst we do have some great relationships with dealerships nation wide, we are in no way biased towards any of them. We make our purchases based on the best price for our BuddyBuyers, that’s it.

How long do i have to accept or reject my quote?
The BuddyBuy group buy quote provided to you in your purchasing pack is valid for 10 days.
What about my warranty?

You are purchasing your vehicle from authorised and reputable dealers, your warranty will not be affected in any way by using the BuddyBuy method.