Don’t half ass your research, it’s important! 


Making the right choice when buying your new car will be the difference between loving it for years to come or soon to be dreaming of an upgrade.

A new car is likely one of the largest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, but all too often it’s an impulsive purchase, rarely thought out.

Knowing how to choose the perfect new car can be difficult though. There are over 50 car manufacturers selling cars in Australia at the moment, with thousands of variations and models to choose from. Unfortunately for buyers, there’s no car industry ‘Tinder’ to pair you with your perfect match. We know that the smallest features of a car can make all the difference, so making the right choice can mean either loving your new car or instantly regretting it after finding one annoying attribute.

Sometimes a new car means more than just getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’. It can be a place to do business… grab a rare break… and catch up on the important things…

How to choose the perfect new car 

Satisfy your NEEDS over your WANTS and you’ll be OK.

Deciphering your needs from your wants is the first step, if your car is going to be used as a daily driver, practicality and functionality deserve more consideration over style (at this stage anyway).

Let your needs, not wants, drive your decision on how to choose the perfect new car.

Consider your lifestyle, what you need the car to do and what you will be using it for.

Consider things such as:

  • How long is your commute to work, is fuel efficiency important?
  • Will you be towing things like a trailer or boat?
  • Do you need lots of storage for luggage on road trips?
  • Are you a weekend warrior and need a 4x4 or AWD?
  • Do you have or are you planning a family and need to transport several people?
  • What’s your parking situation like at home or work, is it a large garage or cramped parking spot?
  • How will the latest high-tech features solve an existing problem you have (or can you live without the heated seats)?
  • Will you be driving with little humans on board so safety is important?
  • Do you have pets that could damage leather trim?

Consider all the ongoing costs of the vehicle also, such as servicing, warranty and insurance, registration etc. Think about your current car and what it lacks and what would make it better. Do passengers complain about the lack of legroom? is it thirsty on fuel? uncomfortable on long trips?


Do your own research.

When you start telling people that you are looking for a new car, you are bound to be hammered with misinformation and opinions on vehicles from your friends and family. While it’s good to listen and take the information on board, note that a lot of it, while intended to help you, will often muddy the waters.

The internet is your best friend when trying to choose your perfect new car.

Jump online and start searching. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of websites out there dedicated to providing reviews, comparisons and all sorts of information on different new cars.

Once you know what your needs are, the next step is to check your budget.

Online calculators are plentiful and are a handy tool to help you work out the repayments on any type of new car.

The Money Smart Car App is a BuddyBuy favourite and can be found at:


Give yourself a price that’s reasonable, or risk setting yourself up for financial and emotional duress, if you set an unrealistic budget.

Once you’ve determined your criteria and your budget and narrowed down your list of potential vehicles, now is the time to worry about the looks.

You’ve probably already been drawn to a certain car from the start based purely on looks, this is fine, you’re not going to enjoy driving something you think is hideous. But try (as hard as it might be) to not let the looks influence your decision too much. 

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Our favourite car buying advice comes from Scott Pape (the Barefoot Investor) who recommends

“Buying the cheapest car that your ego can afford”

Brilliant advice.

One of the first questions you’ll be asked by your BuddyBuy consultant when you get in touch to join a group buy, is why did you decide on that type of car?

Look forward to hearing your answer and helping you get behind the wheel of your perfect new car,


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