Using your mobile phone while driving? Stop it or cop it.

That’s the message from the Queensland Police Service as harsher phone usage penalties come into effect in Queensland this weekend.

As of Feb 1st, motorists caught using their mobile devices in a vehicle risk fines of $1000 and 4 demerit points.

The QLD government has introduced these harsh new laws to “help deter people from this dangerous behaviour”

Things that motorists can be fined for:

  • Holding the phone next to or near your ear with your hand
  • Writing, sending or reading text messages
  • Turning your phone on/off
  • Operating ANY function of your phone

These rules include using your maps and changing music, even if the phone is secured in a mount. The only time you are allowed to handle your mobile is when you are legally parked.

Even bicycle riders will feel the wrath, also being slugged the $1000 (no demerit points) for using a phone while riding.

Learner and P1 type provisional drivers are completely restricted from using hands free, wireless headsets or the loud speaker function.

The QLD government has released test results that have revealed using a mobile phone while driving is just as dangerous as having a high blood alcohol limit and distracted driver deaths are on the rise.

Drive safe Buddies ✌️

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