Defog your cars windscreen in any type of weather 

How to Defog your windscreen

With all this hot and humid weather around, we feel it’s a good time to share some tips on how to clear up that foggy glass, whether you’re like us and struggling in the muggy tropics or down south in the colder climates.

Vehicle glass fogs up when different air temperatures meet. Humidity mixes with science and the temperature inside and outside and blah blah something about a dew point and air, does it matter?

No, not really.

What matters is that you can get rid of it quickly so you can see where the hell you are going.

So what do you do when your glass fogs up?

The first thing you need to do is determine the cause of the fog, is it the cold weather or hot humid weather?

If it’s hot and humid, the fog is likely to occur on the exterior of the glass where the moist air condenses on the cool windscreen. To combat this, re-position the vents to face away from the glass and raise the A/C temp slightly. You can also crack a window to let some of the outside air into the car.

While you’re balancing the temperature, you can use your windscreen wipers to clear the windscreen temporarily.

If the fog is caused by the cold weather, the process of removing it is slightly different. You still want to bring the temperature of the interior down to match the outside temp and you can do this by cranking up the A/C.

Turn the AC on cold, NOT HOT and switch your air source to “Fresh” to draw in the outside air. Direct that cool dry air straight onto your windscreen through your demisting vents to clear things up for you. (Yes this is the coldest method, but it works)

Once the glass clears, you can play around with the temperature to find a comfortable setting that still keeps the glass free from fog.

Future Prevention

Some anti fog DIY hacks.

There are a few commercial products out there available at auto stores to help prevent fogging, they work by creating a film on your glass which stops the fog forming.

It depends on who you ask to whether they are effective or not, in my own personal experiences, they haven’t made much difference, but you may have a different outcome.

There is also a whole heap of DIY anti fog hacks out there you can try. Things like rubbing a potato on your glass or spraying on shaving foam. Once again, I’d advice being careful with these methods. I’ve tried some hacks with very limited success. (you do not want shaving foam stains on your dashboard, trust me)

The best fog preventative IMO is to keep your windscreen clean all year round, inside and out. A dirty windscreen fogs up quicker and easier than a clean one does, due to water being able to condense on the dirt particles on the glass.

Hope these couple of useful tips can help you with your fog problems,

Drive safe everybuddy ✌️


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