Introducing your 2019 champion, the Mitsubishi Mirage!

For consecutive years this little gem has once again been crowned the most affordable car to own and operate in Australia.

Being the money saving enthusiasts that we are, we keep a keen eye over such studies and get really excited over these prestigious recognitions and the Mitsubishi Mirage has again impressed us with its cheap servicing, low cost price and good re sale value.

A total of 141 vehicles were assessed by RACQ in their 2019 vehicle running costs survey, with all expenses associated with car ownership taken into account, including loan interest, government charges, fuel, tyre replacement, servicing, insurance and depreciation.

The approximate owning and operating costs of the Mitsubishi Mirage is $6000 per year. Compare that to the most expensive non electric vehicle to own, the BMW X5, which has a yearly cost of $23,000.

The ES Mirage 5 door hatch has –

  • 3cyl 1.2l Engine
  • 5 Star Safety Rating
  • 5 year/ 100,000km Warranty

The downside is that it is quite basic, with luxuries such as cruise control not included in the base model.

Our pick would be the LS variant, with a lot more features and only slightly more expensive.

MSRP of the base model manual ES is $13,490. With the top of the range LS auto having an MSRP of $15,990.

Honourable mention, the Kia Rio.

Falling just short was the Kia Rio.

Just missing out and coming in at runner up was the highly impressive Kia Rio, with the entry level price of $16,990 and a solid amount of features, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The 5 door hatch Kia Rio S has –

  • 6sp Manual
  • 4cyl 1.4l Engine
  • 7 year unlimited warranty
  • 5 star safety rating

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